What Parents and Children are Saying.


When Kyra was painting this morning, I told her she made beautiful artwork. To which she replied, "That's because I had Mr. Joel as a teacher. He was the BEST!"

Stacy Harper &
Kyra Harper (age 6) 



      We could not have been more pleased with the dedication, caring nature, and teaching skill that Mr. Joel demonstrated in and out of the classroom. Even today Tyler asks about Mr. Joel, and there is no doubt his learning experience was positively impacted from his time in Mr. Joel’s classroom. What was especially important to us, as parents, was the diverse lesson plan and the emphasis on the arts. We truly believe Mr. Joel not only brought out and deepened Tyler’s
artistic ability, but also his love for creativity. The most important thing Mr. Joel accomplished was creating an atmosphere of learning that was fun and encouraging. We are truly grateful for Tyler’s time in his class and the positive introduction to, hopefully, a lifetime love of the arts.
                                                                                                  Joanna & Ryan Briel